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Partnering with Leaders to Advance Equity and Social Justice in Our Schools
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We partner with leaders to advance equity and social justice in our schools through transformational learning experiences that cultivate community, foster critical dialogue, challenge our assumptions, and mobilize systemic change.

– Jen Benkovitz, Founder

 Advancing Equity & Social Justice in Our Schools

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Our schools have not been designed to provide all of our students with equal access to a high quality education, repeatedly resulting in disproportionate outcomes for our most marginalized students and their communities. Equity in education can only be accomplished if we radically transform the systems, policies and practices that continue to reinforce and uphold these disparities.

We believe that school transformation for equity and social justice can be accomplished by educators working together as “Communities of Practice” that share a passion for improving their craft and an unwavering commitment to immersing each of their students in learning that ignites their natural curiosities and talents, amplifies their voices, and empowers them to realize their dreams.

Our Areas of Expertise

We provide school/district education leaders and their teams with customized coaching, consulting and professional development to help them mobilize systemic change that advances equity and social justice in their schools.

Cultivating Communities of Practice

Cultivating Communities of Practice

Building a culture of collaboration, risk-taking, inquiry, reflection, and feedback for growth

Using equity-based protocols to support critical discourse that challenges conscious and unconscious beliefs and assumptions and enable us to develop new mindsets and practices

Facilitating racial affinity groups that create space for those with a shared racial identity to convene for learning, support, reflection, healing, and personal connections

Racial Equity & Social Justice

Developing Equity-Centered Leaders and Teams

Examining the relationship between one’s identity, their leadership practice, student outcomes, and school transformation for equity and social justice

Creating conditions for distributed leadership through shared decision-making, collective ownership of the school’s mission and vision, and mutual accountability for equitable student outcomes and experiences

Applying adult learning theory to design and facilitate equity-centered professional development aimed at transformational learning and systemic change

Leadership & Systemic Change

Creating Systemic Change for School Transformation

Developing and actualizing a shared vision for advancing equity and social justice through the purposeful alignment of the school’s purpose, mission, culture, policies, and practices

Utilizing a design thinking approach to identify, disrupt, and eliminate policies and practices that reinforce and uphold systemic inequities

Shifting power and privilege to our most marginalized students and adults, and amplifying their voices to reimagine and co-design systems that equalize access and opportunities for each learner

Learning Formats (Virtual & On-Site)

Individual leadership coaching and consulting  •  Leadership Team coaching and consulting  •  Single and multi-day professional development workshops  •  Year-long cohort and/or team based courses and institutes

Upcoming Professional Development Events

Upcoming Events

Stop Causing Harm in Equity Work: Supporting white Racial Affinity Groups in Schools

August 9th and 11th, 2022 from 4:00-6:00 p.m. PT (7:00-9:00 ET)

Many folks think that racial affinity groups are racist or separatist. They actually are a space for healing, deeper learning, and reflection. If you are prepared to avoid the pitfalls, racial affinity groups can help you dismantle white supremacy culture and build antiracist schools.


Year Long Racial Affinity Cohort Course (follow-up to Supporting white Racial Affinity Work in Schools Introductory Workshop)

September 2022 through May 2023

2nd Thursdays, 4-6 pm PT

(*Asynchronous Sept 19th-Oct 12th.)

Rather than a “train the trainer” model, this course is designed for participants to expand their understanding of racial affinity work by engaging with one another in racial affinity groups. This will be an opportunity for participants to truly experience what it looks, sounds and feels like to engage in racial affinity work so that they can support others in the work upon returning to their schools and organizations.


What People Are Saying


“Jen is the epitome of Equity-Driven Leader. Her knowledge base of adult learning and establishing a collaborative culture are amongst her greatest strengths.”

Katrina Martinez

Project Manager, Simmons School of Education and Human Development at Southern Methodist University


“Jen’s mastery in the use of equitable learning structures and protocols in group spaces is quickly apparent, always building understanding through careful scaffolding, discussion, application and reflection. She is exceptionally attuned to any room she is in, finding both informal and formal moments to check in on and refine the process to better support the needs of adult learners.”

Matt Thompson

School Development Coach, New Tech Network


“As a Black, Queer woman, I have often participated in professional development opportunities that cater to people who haven’t lived the work of equity the ways that I have. Throughout my work with Jen, my lived experiences were not only validated, they were used as lenses for me to take a more critical view of my world and role in my classroom. Working with Jen helped me learn to leverage the pieces of my story that I hadn’t previously brought into the classroom, which opened untapped avenues for me to connect with my students more meaningfully.”

Anna Owens

Teacher Leader, Winton Woods Middle School in Cincinnati, Ohio

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